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The Buffalo Hunt from "Dances With Wolves"

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Howdy!!!! I'm a 3rd generation Texan and proud of it. I've got a Bachelor of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Texas A&M University. I hate to shave, and so I've had the beard since high school.

Before I retired in 2008, I spent a great career growing bedding plants at Crump's Garden, a large greenhouse operation north of McKinney, Texas. That's me at left, during one of the holiday open houses we always had when the poinsettia crop was ready for delivery across North Texas.

Among my many interest are: camping, hiking, photography, archeaology, genealogy, astronomy, antiques, roses, cats, and cooking.

Please feel free to throw an email at me.

The American Bison

One of my special interests is the American Bison or, as it is more commonly called, the buffalo. I'm working on a few pages about this magnificent animal, and I'll add them to this site when I'm finished. But for now, if you will stop the jukebox for a minute, you can listen to a buffalo and watch them in Yellowstone National Park:

Buffalo make a very distinctive
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Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Here was a special feline of mine, Calcitinas Blancas. Her name is Spanish for "white socks." She's a Manx (no tail) and has 4 white feet .She also had the lineage of a Maine Coon cat. She was cattankerous (made up word) and we used to go round and round. I used to keep a sheet on the new couch to keep the cat hair off. I thought she was using the scratching post. I took the sheet off to wash it and one corner of the couch was scratched down to the wooden frame. She did this on the sly when I was not around or else I would have told her to stop. Anyway this led to her being declawed. There are other stories to tell on this girl but I'll spare you. She was certainly cute in this picture as a youngster.GRIN

This was Tanner, a stray kitten that happened onto my doorstep quite literally. He had a great disposition. He was shorthair and mellow to the max. I lost him as an adult due to male urinary blockage. I miss him and would like another yellow tabby.

Pause the jukebox music and then visit an incredible, infinitely interesting friend of mine, Judy Barbour.

Prudence is one of my closest friends- we've known each other since junior high school. We went to different colleges, but renewed our friendship afterwards. She used to live in Arlington, Texas, and worked as a children's librarian at the Ft. Worth public library. She and her husband, Ron Ruckman, moved down to San Antonio ten years ago; there Prudence realized her long-time wish to open a bed and breakfast inn. She and Ron now are the hosts at Ruckman Haus in San Antonio, near San Pedro Park in that historic Texas city. They have a beautiful home and would be happy to welcome you.

You can visit the Web site for Ruckman Haus if you will pause the jukebox music and then click HERE.

I have quite a few friends that I go hiking with. Here in July 1994 is a group of us guys on a float trip down the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. We rafted 4 hours through the Black Canyon and the water is a frigid 52 degrees, a real contrast to near 100 degress air temperature in July. It was an enjoyable side adventure on a trip to Las Vegas. I heartily recommend this trip which included lunch. Mike is on the left, then myself Fred, Ron with no sunglasses, Ron, and Chris. To visit Ron with no sunglasses, click on him in the center. Mike died in a motorcycle accident Setember 11, 2001. Click on Mike on the left to visit his Memorial Home Page. Chris on the right died March 2, 2009 fighting cancer. Click on Chris to visit his Memorial Home page.

Every day is a gift. Enjoy your friends and the day, I myself had a heart attack December 4, 2009. Thankfully, I'm feeling fine and still enjoying an active lifestyle including hiking and biking.

Here I am on a recent hiking trip to southern New Mexico. This is in an area above Sitting Bull Falls, roughly fifty miles from Carlsbad. The desert mountains have their own kind of beauty- rustic and bold. A friend and I climbed the trail to the spring which is the source of the falls, very much an oasis in the desert.
Thanks for visiting my website. This is just the first effort; I'll be modifying and adding things soon, so please check back! -Fred